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How much does it cost to use the site?
Hotfile does not charge for mobile content but your standard operator charges will apply.
How do I share a file?
Once you've uploaded a file, you will be given a unique File Swap Code give this code to anyone you want to share the file with.
How do I download a file?
If you have been given a File Swap Code go to Download File and enter this code.
How do I upload a file?
Go to Upload. In the first box File to upload you will need to browse and select the file you want to upload. If there is no option to browse to the file, your phone doesn't support the uploading of files. You can however upload files via a computer by visiting
How do I create a Folder?
Firstly go to Upload. Now once you've uploaded a file you will see a new option below the File Swap Code, Create Folder for Files you will need to click this before uploading any more files, all files will then be stored together in one folder.
How do I delete a file?
To delete a file you must create a Folder. When browsing the folder click options and on the next page delete.
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